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Personal Website Hack

Part One: the framework (Due 1 FEB)

Core Components

The Big Idea

For this assignment you’ll be creating a website to present your personal professional self – a kind of online resume – as well as your final project for this class. (We’ll post Part Two later in the semester.)

Criteria for Evaluation

In general, all of these will be taken holistically and will be considered in light of your capabilities. When you share with the class it will be an opportunity to explain the ways in which the project challenged you. If the project as such did not challenge you, you might explain what you’ve done to push yourself and your own abilities in the process of hacking, tweaking, and possibly building your site.

The Site Itself

On the “live” side – the site that is public-facing – your site should demonstrate an editorial eye. That is to say that your decisions about template choice and link creation should make a certain amount of implicit sense to the project as a whole. (You’ll have a chance to make those decisions explicit in your presentation.) Your website should demonstrate the ability to manipulate the template for your own thematic purposes; they will tell a coherent story about you and your work visually, through your contextualizing writing on the site, and through the links that you create.


As you’ve gathered earlier, this is space to make the narrative of your site explicit. What is the story that you set out to tell and how did you have to make decisions along the way to achieve that vision? Additionally, it’s your story of the creation of that site: Where did you find challenges? In what aspects do you take particular pride?

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