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Week_00: Establishing our workspaces, getting started.

For class today:

Week_01: Defining humanistic inquiry

This week we’ll continue to locate the humanities in the “digital humanities,” we’ll look at example DH projects, and we will work on carving out our own space on the internet.

Week_02: Defining DH Projects

We’ll look at more DH projects and develop a framework for thinking about their core components. We’ll also share the first parts of our website projects.

Week_03: DH Datasets

Continuing to think about “digital” “humanistic inquiry,” we will talk about what comprises a DH dataset, we’ll find some, and we’ll begin to explore what we can do with them.

Week_04: Text Analysis: 1

We’ll look at some DH Projects of your choosing

Week_05: Curating a Humanities Dataset

Week_06: Telling Robots What to Do: 1

Week_07: Critical Making in DH



Week_10: Telling Robots What to Do: 2

Week_11: Reading Machines

Week_12: Text Analysis: 2, Algorithmic Text Analysis with Topic Modeling

Week_13: Visualizing Humanities Data

Week_14: Text Analysis: 3, Algorithmic Text Analysis with Stylometry

Week_15: Save Your Work!

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