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Personal Website Hack

Part Two: Ready for your Public (10% of course grade)

Due 3 MAY 2018

The Big Idea

You have spent some time, early in the semester, learning the basics of HTML and CSS by completing the Codecademy Make a Website badge. As a part of that, you worked on the write - commit - push workflow between Atom, GitHub Desktop, and GitHub. You have chosen the best template to showcase your professional self and your work. And you have started to build your own site.

For the second part of this project,

Criteria for Evaluation

In general, all of these will be taken holistically and will be considered in light of your capabilities. Your reflection will be an opportunity to explain the ways in which the project challenged you. If the project as such did not challenge you, you might explain what you’ve done to push yourself and your own abilities in the process of hacking, tweaking, and possibly building your site. Also, be sure that you’re telling a consistent story with your site: what professional self are you putting forward? How is that “self” reflected in this final draft of your site?

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