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Archive of 2017 Course Materials.

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Assignments and Grading

All projects must be completed in order to pass the course.


Grading Standards
From the College Catalogue, p259.


“An Incomplete (designated “I”) is only appropriate if a student has attended and participated in the classroom activities throughout the semester and a small portion of the work of a course is unavoidably unfinished. This work must be completed before the end of the first week of the following semester (including work for Semester II that must be completed before the end of the first week of the Summer Session). If the work is not completed by the time specified, the I automatically becomes an F or NC. Credit for a course completed at the College will not normally be awarded after the deadline for changing incomplete grades. Exceptions to this policy require a written petition to the Dean for Curriculum and Academic Engagement and are approved only in exceptional circumstances.”
– (from the College Catalogue, p260.)

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